A simple Guide on How to Set Up a Salt Water Tank

salt wate tankThought it takes time, preparing a salt water tank is an exciting endeavor. The preparations are never hurriedly done. This helps reduce the chances of losing your new pets. Here are some steps that you should consider following when setting up your new reef tank.

I. The first step its identifying a location for the tank.
Pick the location where you feel will be an appropriate place to have the tank. Make sure it is has plenty of space for the exact size of tank you planning for. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight to reduce chances of algae growth in the tank.
The locations should be near a source of electric power for purposes of lighting the tanks and running the water filtration system. In addition, the location should had be of room temperature and well ventilated. You should also go for a location that will give you ample access for an easier maintenance of the reef tank.

II. The next step will be to get all the necessary supplies
You will need to a tank and a canopy (lid) for the tank. Get a stand on which to place the tank. The tank should have a natural aquatic look hence you will need some sand, plant, and rock and ensure you know the fish you wish to have in your tank. You also need a heater and thermometer.

You need to check for any leaks as you clean the tank, the rocks, and plastic plants using a teaspoon of pure bleach and 5 gallons of water and thoroughly rinse will clean water. Do not use any soap or detergents.

III. Proceed to install the filtration system, the lighting, and substrate
The best way of doing this is working with filtration system that comes with an installation manual. You need to make sure that you thoroughly clean the substrate before placing it into your salt water tank. Carefully add the sand or gravel then place the rocks and plastic plants and make sure they are properly secured at the bottom. Make sure you are working with 1lb of these installations per the gallon of water the tank will need.

Light is an important element need for a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Since you will have the tank in a place with limited sunlight, artificial lighting will be necessary. Install the heater and the thermometer and set the heater to about 78 degree.

IV. Add the salt water and run the entire set up
You need to make sure the whole set up is running without any glitch. Give it a test run of at least 3 – 4 days just to make sure the water is at the right temperature, the filtration system is working properly, and the tank have proper lighting.

V. The final step will be adding the livestock
Avoid rushing to add the fish in to a just completed salt water tank since it lacks the proper biological settings need to support an aquatic ecosystem. Hence, giving the system those few days to run creates those right conditions. Then and only then should you add the fish.

Help Choosing The Best Fish For Your Aquarium

fish for your aquqriumGoldfish aren’t the only fresh water fish that you’ll find in aquariums across the globe. There are actually several hundred species of fresh water fish regularly available to the public. You can find quite a few of those available at most local pet stores. With so many different options, it might seem difficult to choose the best fish for you and your aquarium.

If this is your first tank and first fish, then the decision is that much more difficult. Luckily, there is some helpful advice, guidelines, and suggestions provided throughout the article below.



1. Start With Research.

You never want to purchase a fish unless you know they are going to do well with your aquarium. If you’ve already got an aquarium, then you need to choose a suitable species of fish that has adapted to survive in that environment. If you haven’t chosen the aquarium and are choosing the fish first, then remember that you’ll have to find the appropriate aquarium.

Often times, first-time fish buyers will choose the fish they like the most without doing any real research. This means they won’t actually know what the fish eats, how big the fish will get, and what personal care requirements it might have. All fish are different in their own ways, which makes the research absolutely necessary if you want to give the fish a proper living environment.

2. Compatibility.

If this isn’t your first fish or if you’re planning on adding more in the future, then you need to make sure you buy fish that are compatible with one another. Many people buy various fish of different colors and sizes without thinking too much about how well they will live together.

When these fish originate from different parts of the world and are accustomed to different water conditions and temperatures it’s make it hard for them to coexist. It’s important to find fish that live in a similar environment and are not particularly hostile to other fish. There are some fish who simply won’t share a tank with others.

Fish that are constantly hostile towards one another are more likely to become sick and die. This is true even if the water conditions are set at ideal levels. Once again, the compatibility of the fish can be learned through some diligent research.

When considering compatibility, you’ll also need to think of the fish’s various behavior patterns. For example, there are some fish that swim very fast and quite often. Other fish are considered slow swimmers and might not move much in the water.

Not only could these two disturb one another, but fast fish are also believed to be more aggressive. There are also fish that are very territorial. These types of fish won’t do well in a tank with other fish. At best, having these fish together in a tank would limit their space to swim.

Choosing The Best.

There really is no “best” fish out there. It’s up to you to do the research and learn which fish would survive best in your aquarium and with the other fish that are already there.

Advice on Cleaning Your Aquarium

clean aquariumWhen you need to clean your aquarium there are a few supplies you will need before you begin. These items include a algae scraper, a large bowl or a clean bucket and a gravel vacuum and siphon.


The first step in cleaning your aquarium will be to prepare new and clean water that will replace the dirty water that is removed from the tank. This water will need to stand for at least 48 hours, alternatively you use a dechlorinization solution that will eliminate stress on your fish that can be caused from minerals present in tap water. Keep your clean water in a clean bucket or bowl. Make sure you unplug the electric components and filter before you begin.


1. Use Your Algae Scrapper

Purchase a fish-safe solution from your local pet store to clean the outside of the tank with a majority of the dirt and build-up. If the algae scraper is not working well enough, you can even try using a razor blade.

2. Siphon Out The Water

When you siphon out the water, be sure to leave some water for the fish to still feel comfortable. It is extremely important not to disturb the fish when you change the water conditions of the aquarium too much at once. Fish are sensitive and their environment needs to remain in balance. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions on your siphon for desirable results and drain your siphoned water into a sink or down a drain.

3. Sort Through Your Gravel, Sand or Rocks On The Bottom Of Your Tank

The material that you use to line your aquarium requires cleaning to remove any waste, debris and food. Instead of taking the material out of the tank to clean them, use your gravel vacuum and your siphon to remove and suck up all the accumulated waste and debris from the bottom of the tank.

4. Clean Your Treasure Chests, Ships, Plants, etc.

In general you are able to clean nearly every type of aquarium accessory with the algae scrubber. However, if your accessories have become too dirty you will need to remove them from tank and wash them under a tap without using any detergents or cleaners. Allow these accessories to air dry before placing them back into your aquarium.


Once you have completed cleaning the inside of your aquarium you can begin to slowly introduce the new water. It is advisable to use your siphon to add the new water so that you don’t distress your fish in any way. Lastly, plug your lights, heater and any other devices back in and enjoy your easy to clean aquarium.
Maintaining Your Aquarium

To keep up the appearance of a clean fish tank, repeat this process at least once in a week. You can avoid algae build up by investing in algae eaters like the sucker mouth catfish. For any further advice on your type of aquarium, visit your closest pet or aquarium store.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet Helps in Conserving Water

Choosing the Right Kitchen Faucet Helps in Conserving WaterAs a marine enthusiast for many years now, I have fully understood the importance of water. I have an aquarium hobby and I am always out there in the open waters. I have seen just how important water is for the continued survival of several animals, including humans too. Sadly, I have also seen just how much polluted the water is and how it has affected several organisms over the years.

You can call me crazy all you want, but when it comes to water preservation, I am extremely careful. I check everything down to the very last of all details. I want to make sure that when it comes to my personal practices and that of my family, we consider ways on how we can be of help in preserving water.

This is why we have totally changed our ways in recent years. Before doing anything, we try to think whether or not we will waste our water resources. We might just be one family doing this, but we at least do our part in helping save our resources.


Use the right kitchen faucet

The first thing that we are extremely careful of is the use of our kitchen faucet. These faucets come in different designs and styles. It is important that you choose the kind that will help you save water. There are faucets that waste a lot of water when you open them. There are those that will continue pouring water even if you are not using them anymore. Avoid those faucets. Find a faucet that can be easily opened and closed.

Another thing that you need to look into is the quality of the faucet. Do you see the small water droplets that keep pouring out of the faucet even if you have already turned it off? It might just be a small drop, but it is still valuable. You need a kitchen faucet that automatically stops as soon as you turn it of. If you want to know more about kitchen faucet reviews, then go to this website. Reading reviews will help you understand how these faucets work based on those who have tried using them before. For more of the best kitchen faucets, go for this resource.


No more excuses

Now that you understand just how important faucets are in conserving water, it is high time to change the one that you use at home. You don’t have an excuse anymore. If you still don’t understand the whole point of doing it, then just take a look at those people who barely have any potable water because of drought. It might not be happening to you, but your actions will have repercussions elsewhere. You need to be grateful that you have enough water to drink. You should also do your share in helping others achieve the same thing. This is not a huge effort on your part. These faucets are not expensive. Turning them off when not in used does not take as well. Doing necessary repairs won’t cost you that much either.

The Best Way to Relax After an Outdoor Trip

It can be very relaxing to go out for an outdoor trip especially if this is something that you want to do. I love the waters and it relaxes me if I am out there doing various activities. However, let’s face it. When the activities are done, you will feel extremely tired. Even if you spend just two days, it feels like you have been out there for months. When you arrive home, you just want to lie down on your bed and not be bothered at all. I always feel the same way. After doing water sports and other activities, my family already knows that it is important not to bother me at all. They will just leave me on my bed and bother me later once I have regained my energy.

If you want to feel even better after your outdoor trip, you might want to give the best cellulite roller a try. This makes you feel like you are being massaged while you lose weight at the same time. You might have seen massage rollers before. This device works exactly like a massage roller. It can be rolled on various parts of your body. However, aside from the feeling of being massaged, it also provides other benefits. It helps in reducing cellulites in your body. When you check your chest and stomach area and you feel like your skin is sagging, it might be because of excess fat. This device will help fix that problem. You will not see the results right away, but they will gradually unfold with constant use. You can ask your kids to help you by placing the rollers throughout the affected parts of your body while you are sleeping.

Just a bonus

Yes, you might want to just relax after a long trip outdoors. However, if you use this cellulite roller, it will make you feel even more comfortable. It is just a bonus to help you feel even better. It allows you to relax and think that there are hands rolling over your body. Once you ask someone to use the roller throughout your body, you will fall asleep in no time. It helps a lot so that when you wake up, you are energized even more. The best part is that you don’t even have to pay a lot for this device. You will see great results for just a few dollars. 

Preparing for the next trip

Even if you are an outdoorsy type of person, it does not mean you become automatically fit. If you always do physical activities, but you eat a lot, it sorts of offsets everything. Thus, you need to be careful with what you eat while you are out there. When you feel tired, you might have the tendency to eat even more. Therefore, for your next trip, you need to know exactly what you have to prepare for your meals. Rest assured, if you start feeling like you are getting fat, you can always use the cellulite rollers to shape up.

Cleaning Your Home After Arriving from the Beach

Cleaning Your Home After Arriving from the BeachWhen you have just arrived home from the beach, you might be very wet and dirty. The moment you step inside your house, it gets very messy. Add to that the equipment and other items you bring home from the beach, which are most likely wet as well. Coming home to your partner who has just finished cleaning things up will most likely end up in a huge fight. However, if you are someone like me who just love the waters so much, you just can’t stop heading to the sea just to keep your house clean. The best thing that you can do is to do your share in cleaning up the house. In doing so, whatever mess you have brought home from your outdoor activity will be your own responsibility.


Cleaning the rugs and carpets

This is usually the biggest problem when you have items that cause stain. They are so difficult to clean. The moment you step on the rugs and eventually to your carpeted floor, then things get extremely messy. If they look great before you step on them, they look like garbage afterwards. The best thing that you can do is to buy the right carpet cleaner. In doing so, you just have to use it and the stains are gone. You might have caused problems when you step in, but you can easily solve them with a carpet cleaner. Find out what the best carpet cleaner for rug stains is and start cleaning now. You might also want to read carpet cleaner reviews so you will know exactly which one fits your needs.


Proper storage

Once you are done cleaning the rugs and carpets using the carpet cleaner, the next thing to do is to keep everything properly. All the items that you have used for your hobby must be placed back in the right storage room. You should also make sure that they won’t get damaged for your next ocean adventure. The same is true for all the items that you use for cleaning. When you need them the next time around, you must find them easily. You might have to do this over and over again considering that you plan to head to the waters again next time.


Being responsible

When you have a hobby and you are really passionate about it, there is nothing wrong with it. The problem is when you become irresponsible. You have to understand that when you pursue something, it comes with certain consequences. In this case, you might lose some time with your family or even contribute less to household chores. Your partner or house helpers might be there to pick up what you have missed, but you must also do your share. Once you do things systematically and you have organized your time for all things you wanted to do in life well, you won’t face any problem. For sure, after doing these suggestions, you won’t have arguments with your partner again in the future.


Earning Extra Funds To Help Build Your Aquarium

I’ve come across a bunch of ways to apparently earn extra funds to help with my hobbies. As you know, building an aquarium can be an expensive endeavour and any way to earn some extra cash outside my job is very welcome. There are a ton of schemes online that imply they’ll make you rich but in my experience they’re almost all scams. One opportunity that won’t make you rich but does definitely offer you some extra cash, is taking online surveys. Below is a post outlining everything you need to know to get started yourself.

A type of online survey where the person or organization responsible for filling out the survey page gets money or reward is more commonly known as paid online survey. The reward consists of simple gifts or some amount of money generally paid through a draft or via internet banking in present days.

First of such online surveys was conducted in the years of 1980 to 1990. This was the time when the first web based surveying came to field. The revenue and income from this platform has increased considerably since that era and according to general statistics around $960 million were spent over those online surveys in the year of 2004.

Man Filling Up Survey About Work Experience


Public Interest:

Online surveying have gained tremendous popularity among general people in the last two decades or so. The most alluring features of this particular system are:

  • People consider it a rather easy job to do as you just need to fill up some pretty easy forms over the internet to complete the survey.
  • People from any age group and profession can contribute in online surveys.
  • According to various surveys, people consider the online surveying as a rather easy way to earn money without much hassle.
  • The contributors don’t even need to leave their homes and go to someplace to work. Instead, they just require a good internet connection at home along with a running personal computer.
  • Anybody can do the surveys in their spare time and stand a chance to earn money through online survey.

Imposter Companies:

The chance and the illusion of making money that easy have lured a number of people in taking part in online surveying. But the online survey providers don’t usually pay the participants or the contributors in hard money. The most common way to give a reward is by awarding them with some gift vouchers, discount coupons and things like that. Companies don’t like to pay a huge load of money as the surveying work does not demand too much skill from the participants. And that is where the imposters come into play. In the last few years, several websites have introduced themselves as providers of those surveys. They have offered the participants some lucrative amount of money as reward. The amount of money is far too much to be true. But people have fallen for the trap on regular basis and the imposter companies stand to profit from that in a large number. The most common ways by which those companies fool people are:

  • A number of those companies ask the participants to contribute an amount of money as registration fee. The amount is generally clocked at a base amount which the general public does not feel hesitate to pay in search of a greatly paying job. The websites take the money and after a certain time, close all their operations online without leaving a single trail. They generally fool people for a particular amount of time before calling quits.
  • Secondly, the imposter companies promise the contributors a very large amount of money on successful completion of those projects. The participants work hard in hope of getting that large sum of money. But after working for a few weeks or months, when the day of payment comes, the provider simply vanishes.

As more and more people are falling prey for these companies, the authorities and other genuine websites have declared some security measures to take before signing up for any such websites. The security measures include:

  • Never ever sign up for a company or website which asks for money as registration, start up or any other fees.
  • Search about the website in forums that declare those scam websites. Search them on the internet and get to know what other users or developers have to say about the legitimacy of those websites.
  • Don’t share your personal details and bank account or credit card details.
  • Be aware of the survey posts asking for your personal and family details.
  • Don’t believe on absurd amount as rewards. Trust your instincts about that kind of posts and websites.
  • Look for any kind of disclaimers before signing up. Read the carefully and discuss the terms with a friend who knows the legal tid bits.
  • Usually, the websites claiming not to be scams are the biggest scams after all. Don’t trust them at first sight, do your research before signing up for any of them.

Pros and Cons of Online Surveys:

The online survey system can be helpful and profitable for some whereas some others risk their money and time for practically nothing. The general pros and cons about online survey are:


  • For housewives, retired people and students, online survey is a positive way to earn pocket money.
  • For those who are not much technically and professionally sound, online surveys may help them earn money without much trouble.
  • For people who are disabled and can’t go out of their house for work, online survey can be a real answer for them.
  • The processes are relatively easy and do not require special or professional skills to perform them.
  • You don’t really need to invest anything to start contributing in those online survey systems.
  • You get to know a lot of things while working to fill up those survey pages.


  • There is a high chance that you might get caught by an imposter company or website in which you are more likely to lose money rather gaining it.
  • The surveys are boring and according to many of the contributors, they often leave the job out of sheer boredom.
  • You are not going to get any experience or job certificates out of that.
  • The money you will make from those online survey websites is not enough to make a living.
  • Most of the websites don’t even pay money, rather they give you some rewards that you can avail in some online or offline retail shops.


If you are willing to make some money from staying at home, then the online survey may be the correct answer for you. But be cautious before signing up for any such providers. And to make a living, it is advisable not to depend on those online surveys entirely; participate in those surveys and get the best out for you.

My Cooking Travel Kit When Fish Hunting

If you’ve been reading here for a while, then you know that I have no problem traveling to the ends of the earth to find new aquarium fish to study and maybe to add to my own tanks. But with that can come some really dodgy food selections. Some folks have asked me how to handle that, and I decided that an explanation might be in order. In addition to my best survival knife (check this site for good ones), I always make sure to pack my best rice cooker (travel-sized, that is!)to take along with me. Hear me out, because both are more useful than you might think.

A knife is handy in all sorts of situations, of course, from getting into packaging that just won’t budge to chopping up vegetables to put into a stew. You want a sturdy knife with a solid handle so that it can handle just about anything that you throw its way. You also want a blade that’s easy to care for and clean. You want your knife to take care of you when necessary without being super high maintenance. So look for stainless steel that you can sharpen when needed.

The other thing that you really want with you is a travel rice cooker. I know what you’re thinking. “But I don’t even eat rice that often.” You don’t have to. The best thing about a rice cooker, especially a portable one that you can toss in your suitcase, is that you can cook a huge range of different dishes in it. If you do love eating rice, though, you can certainly jazz it up while you’re cooking it. Don’t forget to pack your favorite spices and seasonings so that you’re always prepared to add a little bit of oomph to either plain rice or anything else that you want to make.

Love potatoes? Bake some in the cooker. Cook stew, soup. Or anything else. Once you get the rice cooker going, it can work almost like a Crock-Pot, only it doesn’t get as hot, it’s smaller, and it’s super portable. You’ll be sure to have enough space in even the tiniest hotel room. You can always get some rice going in it, of course, and other appliances can help, too. You can use hot water from the coffeemaker in your room to cook noodles to go with the stew that you made. Honestly, you can really make anything you have a hankering for and the only limits are in your imagination and in what you can find locally in terms of ingredients.

So, the next time you’re out and about, looking for the next batch of fish to add to your own aquarium, don’t forget to pack all the basics. You never know when you’ll be someplace that isn’t terrible to visit, but has food that you just can’t stomach. When you pack your rice cooker and your hunting knife, though, you’ll pretty much guarantee that you can pull a good meal out of just about anything that you can find at the corner market.

Why you should get a water softener when keeping fish

We all have our hobbies. Some of us like sports, other play games and some of us (like me) like to keep fish. You do a hobby because it interests you. So you read about it, gather knowledge, do it and try to get better at it. That’s also what I do. I search the internet about topics related to fish, water, aquaria and I apply what I’ve learned. I have already found a lot of interesting reads.

Recently I read somewhere that hard water could be harmful to certain species of fish. My first thought was of course what is hard water? I found this thorough explanation on Wikipedia and it seems a rather common problem. Our water contains minerals and some are called hard minerals because they aren’t good for household appliances that use water. But it’s also not good for fish. They spend the whole time in water so it’s important that they swim in really clean water. Because we only drink water, it’s less important for us.

So what can you do about it? Luckily there is a solution: a water softener. This looks like a water purification system for home use. But it actually only softens your water which means it takes out the hard minerals that are in the water. But it doesn’t totally purify your water from pollutants.

Which water softener did I get? I bought the NuvoH20 Manor Complete Water Softening System. It’s one that is too powerful for the number of people in our household. We are only 4 and this water softener is ideal for households of 6 or more. However I have 2 big aquaria that need a lot of softened water. Therefore I looked at one that would be strong enough to provide both my family and fish clean water all day long. I compared some water softener reviews on water softener king and the NuvoH20 Manor Complete Water Softening System came out as the best water softener for its capacity. It’s quite a big investment as these water softeners aren’t cheap, but I have some expensive exotic fishes so I think it’s worth the money. This NuvoH20 is one of the most expensive that you can buy but it does exactly what it promises and Manor is one of the better known brands for water softeners.

Has it health benefits for my fish? Since I’ve used a water softening system at my home the health of my fish has improved a lot. It seems they are a lot more active and happy with this soft water. It seems that the hard minerals that are in abundance in our groundwater aren’t that abundant in natural sources of fresh water. Therefore most fish aren’t comfortable residing in this hard water and they need soft water like they had before captivity. You could compare it with you breathing air that contains a lot of smog. You won’t die, but it won’t be healthy.

Are there any other benefits? Something I didn’t immediately think of but soft water will also prevent my dishwasher and other household appliances from breaking up. Even my fish tank will reap the benefits of this water softener. It will last much longer and will need less maintenance which will save me costs in the long run. I think I made a good investment, but only future will tell. At least my fish seem to like this soft water.

My Trip To Florida To Swim With Manatees

One of my favorite marine animals is the Manatee, which is an endangered species. These giant and gentle creatures are commonly known as “sea cows” for good reason. They can grow over 10 feet long and weigh in at over 1,000 pounds! They might not look this large when you see them on TV as they are slow moving and docile creatures, but believe me they are massive. These herbivores have always been one of my favorite creatures and it has been a lifelong dream of mine to be able to swim with them in the water. Every winter they will migrate into the warmer rivers in Florida, with one of the most popular locations being the Crystal River in Citrus County Florida. This past winter I was able to make the trip down to Florida and finally swim with these incredible animals.

Florida is quite the journey, but it was well worth the road trip down there with a few friends. We had a great time and didn’t run into any major issues while driving on the highways. I made sure to have my car completely tuned up before making the journey. The only issue that needed to be taken care of was my alignment, but fortunately I found a great wheel alignment cost guide here. After the tune up we were all ready for this great experience and the warm Florida weather.

We finally arrived at the hotel late and night and could not hide our excitement for the once in a lifetime experience in the morning. We were up and out early to get there before the rest of the crowds arrived. We were surprise to find that there weren’t too many people and there were manatees everywhere in the river! The tour guide told us that spring of 2015 was one of the largest concentrations of Manatees in the Crystal River that they have ever seen. This is great since we were not going to miss them and that the endangered species is starting to make a recovery.

Even though the manatees are warm in the water, it was still a cool 65 degrees. We were all provided wetsuits to help maintain body temperature to be able to spend more time in the water. Manatees generally stay near the surface so we only needed snorkel gear which is great. Some of my other expeditions require scuba gear which is much more cumbersome and difficult to maneuver. We were amazed that these gentle giants were actually a bit curious and playful while we were in the water with them. Their sheer size is a bit intimidating, but once you were able to sense their calm temperament that bit of fear increased the amount of excitement that I experienced.

We spent most of the day near the river and took a break for lunch to warm up before heading back into the water. We met a few great people while there including a couple who own a furniture store called Furnish Me Vintage. Overall the entire trip was a great time and I am so glad that we took the time to travel to Florida to swim with the Manatees.

Are Aquamarine Fountain Pens Marine-Friendly?

Have any of you heard of the Aquamarine brand fountain pen? Recently BestPensInTheWorld.com named it as a potential candidate for their list of best fountain pens.  Apparently, each pen’s ink is mixed specially with octopus ink, giving the ink a more lustrous and bold color.  I would say I am split on the issue regarding how I feel about this specific brand of fountain pen.

On one hand, nothing seems cooler than owning a pen with actual octopus ink in it.  That is so spectacular and so rare that to have it would be an amazing addition to my collection.  I assuredly would never use the pen for its proper use, but to just have it on display and being able to share what is inside would be so spectacular.  Moreover, I’d like to see that thing write first hand and truly see the ink leaving the pen.

On the other hand, an octopus is such a grand, majestic creature.  I have seen many, many in my life up close enough to be truly inspired.  My most favorite run in with an octopus probably happened to me while I was exploring Belize.  I happened to run into a group of University of South Florida marine biology students on a study abroad trip.  It was great to hear their enthusiasm and awe as they studied the marine life up close.  The two main things we saw that day were a piranha and an octopus.  Usually, an octopus will scatter pretty quickly.  However, the one we saw that day is a bit more at ease with humans than the average octopus as there are always people exploring the one bit we were at.  It was amazing to see these kids’ eyes light up as the octopus slowly swam from one end of the boat to the other, like he was checking us out as much as we were looking towards him.

I digress, but what I’m attempting to say is that it is unfair to just take this poor creature’s ink and put it in a pen.  Although the company assuredly guarantees no sea creatures or animals are hurt in the process of making the pens, I have never been one to trust everything I read until I know for sure first hand.

If I truly knew that the company was doing no harm to the marine environment, than I most likely would already own an Aquamarine fountain pen.  I’ve written to the company and have yet to receive a response about the process that is utilized to secure the ink from the octopus.  Although it has been a mere 48 hours, I’m pretty impatient.

To also get some input from marine experts, I’ve written to the local aquarium that I am a member of and asked what their take is on the Aquamarine fountain pens.  I’m hoping to get a well-rounded look regarding my decision on whether or not to buy this pen.

Even if I do decide not to buy the pen, I will assuredly still come in close quarters with an octopus in my near future.  My next trip to the Floridian Keys is quickly approaching and I know that the aquarium down there works with an octopus or two.

Moving My Aquarium- A personal Experience

For the best part of ten years, I have been an aquarium hobbyist. I have spent thousands of dollars in setting up my aquarium and buying just the right fish for it. I love my fishes! I have lots of discus fish, killifish, a pair of Betta fish, Boeseman’s Rainbowfish and many others. My day begins like clockwork: I get up, brush my teeth, and go out to feed the fish. I have spent many hours on setting up the filters and tinkering with the interior of my aquarium. Currently, I have a very large aquarium that I designed myself. I used Starphire glass, bought a special stand and canopy and customized the aquarium just to my liking.

It wasn’t easy, I have to say. A year or so ago, I had to shift houses. This was also the time when I had just completed my aquarium. I was stuck in a huge conundrum. How do you move a humongous glass cade, a large wooden stand and separate canopy from one place to another? While the wooden stand and canopy were not a problem, the glass cage left me in a real fix. After all, can you really trust any moving company with a glass cage that has to be tilted just to get through the door?

For the next couple of days, I began searching for reliable moving companies. I read many reviews online, placed calls to different companies and asked about any specific measures they took while moving such delicate items. At the end of my search, I hadn’t found one decent place. That’s when I discovered Conin St. Removalists Sydney based moving service. I stumbled on their website by mistake.

They seemed really professional. So, I placed a call to the company and asked them about moving my aquarium. I gave them the dimensions of the glass tank and waited for their response. Amazingly, they were willing to do it, and quoted me a significantly affordable price. I asked them to pack everything and move it to my new place, since they offer a complete moving service.

When the big day arrived, I was still pretty flustered. The guys came two days before and packed each and everything in different boxes. Every box was neatly labeled, and all the fragile material placed in cartons with lots of packing material. I was really pleased with all their work so far. However, my heart came in my throat when they began dismantling the aquarium.

At first, they took off the canopy (expected). Then, they began dismantling the glass tank. At the moment, the whole experience was harrowing. I was worried they may scratch the glass. Now that I look back on it, I can’t help but admire the manner with which they dealt with the whole thing. They neatly placed the glass on a special mat (to protect the edges), and began wrapping it up. Then, they precariously carried it out and put it in their moving vehicle. For any aquarium hobbyist, moving is difficult. Thankfully, my experience was so much better because of these guys!

Great Marine Hot Spots In Missouri

When you think of viewing great aquariums and marine life, you might think exclusively of California, Florida and other such places along the east and west coasts. But, don’t underestimate what Missouri has to offer! You wouldn’t necessarily think about Missouri being a place that has some great marine spots, yet it sure does. I recently had the pleasure of visiting a few places in Missouri and was able to experience some really great marine life exhibits. While I had heard of some of the aquariums and marine life exhibits, I wasn’t expecting to experience what I did and I was surprised at how great they really are. I’ll lay out some of the places that you should visit if you ever find yourself in the area and want to take in some marine life exhibits.

Bass Pro Shops

Many are aware of Bass Pro Shops and their headquarters being located in Springfield, Missouri, but not many are aware of their fantastic aquariums they have all over the store. They also have the World of Wildlife Museum that is connected to the store and has some really amazing things in there. They have some exotic fish, rare turtles, and great learning opportunities for kids and adults alike (ideal if you’re into fishing and hunting). No doubt, if you are looking for fun things to do in Springfield, Missouri, you should check out Bass Pro Shops. If you’re in the area and looking for some other things to do as well, you can click here to see some more attractions that are available to you.

Sea Life Aquarium

One of the best surprises of my entire trip was this amazing aquarium that is located in Kansas City. This is a brand new attraction that was just completed a few years ago. What is especially great about it is that they host a large number of unique and rare fish. They have various breeds of sharks, stingrays, turtles, jelly fish, clownfish, and plenty of interactive areas to explore. Kids absolutely love this aquarium. I really enjoyed the interactive rockpool where you can handle different types of creatures like crabs and starfish, with professional supervision (of course). The whole place is geared towards kids in general, but it’s still a lot of fun if you’re an adult. I found myself and the other adults I was traveling with really enjoying ourselves the whole time.

St Louis Zoo & World Aquarium

The St. Louis Zoo is very well known and is always ranked as one of the top zoos in the country. It has a pretty nice marine life area as well. In this zoo, it’s the sea life area is referred to as “Lakeside Crossing” and they have a pretty good amount of interesting fish there to see and learn about. The best option, though, if you are in St Louis and looking for marine life is the World Aquarium, as they have a much more vast collection of marine life to see than the St. Louis Zoo. It is much like the Sea Life Aquarium in Kansas City, but it’s just a bit older. If you were to choose only one between the two, I would say definitely go to the Sea Life Aquarium, but the World Aquarium is still a great place to visit. They have stingrays, jellyfish, sharks, turtles and more for you to see.