About Amda Reef : Aquarium Tips

I have been interested in aquariums for a very long time. After a hectic day, I just love to spend a few moments observing the calming beauty of the life in my aquarium. I see the sea creatures swim around…

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Best Fish Choices for First Time Aquarium Hobbyists

Having a pet is one of the most rewarding things you can invest on. Pets have various benefits. They can help you deal with stress and help lower blood pressure. There was even a study that claims that homes with pets like dogs and cats will have kids that are less susceptible to acquiring allergies. Let’s face it; pets are essential for our existence.

Among the best pets you can have are fishes. Having an aquarium in your home not only boosts the aesthetic appeal of your living room; it can also provide you a hobby that would greatly benefit you. If you are starting on your journey of having an aquarium for a hobby, the most challenging part would be picking the right fish. Read More

Fun Stories About Volunteering At The Local Aquarium

My blogging about my aquarium hobby finally paid off! The local aquarium manager apparently discovered my blog when searching around Google for tips on how to properly clean his home-based aquarium. Yeah, I was surprised too that he didn’t already know how to do this, being an aquarium manager and all. But whatever, it got my a cool adventure volunteering there. He actually emailed me a few weeks back and asked me if I would be interested and I, of course, jumped at the opportunity before even knowing what it would entail. As it turned out, I would get to spend a few hours a week helping out and in return I got to explore the aquarium when it was closed to the public – at night-time…

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