A simple Guide on How to Set Up a Salt Water Tank

salt wate tankThought it takes time, preparing a salt water tank is an exciting endeavor. The preparations are never hurriedly done. This helps reduce the chances of losing your new pets. Here are some steps that you should consider following when setting up your new reef tank.

I. The first step its identifying a location for the tank.
Pick the location where you feel will be an appropriate place to have the tank. Make sure it is has plenty of space for the exact size of tank you planning for. It should not be exposed to direct sunlight to reduce chances of algae growth in the tank.
The locations should be near a source of electric power for purposes of lighting the tanks and running the water filtration system. In addition, the location should had be of room temperature and well ventilated. You should also go for a location that will give you ample access for an easier maintenance of the reef tank.

II. The next step will be to get all the necessary supplies
You will need to a tank and a canopy (lid) for the tank. Get a stand on which to place the tank. The tank should have a natural aquatic look hence you will need some sand, plant, and rock and ensure you know the fish you wish to have in your tank. You also need a heater and thermometer.

You need to check for any leaks as you clean the tank, the rocks, and plastic plants using a teaspoon of pure bleach and 5 gallons of water and thoroughly rinse will clean water. Do not use any soap or detergents.

III. Proceed to install the filtration system, the lighting, and substrate
The best way of doing this is working with filtration system that comes with an installation manual. You need to make sure that you thoroughly clean the substrate before placing it into your salt water tank. Carefully add the sand or gravel then place the rocks and plastic plants and make sure they are properly secured at the bottom. Make sure you are working with 1lb of these installations per the gallon of water the tank will need.

Light is an important element need for a healthy aquatic ecosystem. Since you will have the tank in a place with limited sunlight, artificial lighting will be necessary. Install the heater and the thermometer and set the heater to about 78 degree.

IV. Add the salt water and run the entire set up
You need to make sure the whole set up is running without any glitch. Give it a test run of at least 3 – 4 days just to make sure the water is at the right temperature, the filtration system is working properly, and the tank have proper lighting.

V. The final step will be adding the livestock
Avoid rushing to add the fish in to a just completed salt water tank since it lacks the proper biological settings need to support an aquatic ecosystem. Hence, giving the system those few days to run creates those right conditions. Then and only then should you add the fish.

Help Choosing The Best Fish For Your Aquarium

fish for your aquqriumGoldfish aren’t the only fresh water fish that you’ll find in aquariums across the globe. There are actually several hundred species of fresh water fish regularly available to the public. You can find quite a few of those available at most local pet stores. With so many different options, it might seem difficult to choose the best fish for you and your aquarium.

If this is your first tank and first fish, then the decision is that much more difficult. Luckily, there is some helpful advice, guidelines, and suggestions provided throughout the article below.



1. Start With Research.

You never want to purchase a fish unless you know they are going to do well with your aquarium. If you’ve already got an aquarium, then you need to choose a suitable species of fish that has adapted to survive in that environment. If you haven’t chosen the aquarium and are choosing the fish first, then remember that you’ll have to find the appropriate aquarium.

Often times, first-time fish buyers will choose the fish they like the most without doing any real research. This means they won’t actually know what the fish eats, how big the fish will get, and what personal care requirements it might have. All fish are different in their own ways, which makes the research absolutely necessary if you want to give the fish a proper living environment.

2. Compatibility.

If this isn’t your first fish or if you’re planning on adding more in the future, then you need to make sure you buy fish that are compatible with one another. Many people buy various fish of different colors and sizes without thinking too much about how well they will live together.

When these fish originate from different parts of the world and are accustomed to different water conditions and temperatures it’s make it hard for them to coexist. It’s important to find fish that live in a similar environment and are not particularly hostile to other fish. There are some fish who simply won’t share a tank with others.

Fish that are constantly hostile towards one another are more likely to become sick and die. This is true even if the water conditions are set at ideal levels. Once again, the compatibility of the fish can be learned through some diligent research.

When considering compatibility, you’ll also need to think of the fish’s various behavior patterns. For example, there are some fish that swim very fast and quite often. Other fish are considered slow swimmers and might not move much in the water.

Not only could these two disturb one another, but fast fish are also believed to be more aggressive. There are also fish that are very territorial. These types of fish won’t do well in a tank with other fish. At best, having these fish together in a tank would limit their space to swim.

Choosing The Best.

There really is no “best” fish out there. It’s up to you to do the research and learn which fish would survive best in your aquarium and with the other fish that are already there.

Advice on Cleaning Your Aquarium

clean aquariumWhen you need to clean your aquarium there are a few supplies you will need before you begin. These items include a algae scraper, a large bowl or a clean bucket and a gravel vacuum and siphon.


The first step in cleaning your aquarium will be to prepare new and clean water that will replace the dirty water that is removed from the tank. This water will need to stand for at least 48 hours, alternatively you use a dechlorinization solution that will eliminate stress on your fish that can be caused from minerals present in tap water. Keep your clean water in a clean bucket or bowl. Make sure you unplug the electric components and filter before you begin.


1. Use Your Algae Scrapper

Purchase a fish-safe solution from your local pet store to clean the outside of the tank with a majority of the dirt and build-up. If the algae scraper is not working well enough, you can even try using a razor blade.

2. Siphon Out The Water

When you siphon out the water, be sure to leave some water for the fish to still feel comfortable. It is extremely important not to disturb the fish when you change the water conditions of the aquarium too much at once. Fish are sensitive and their environment needs to remain in balance. Be sure to carefully follow the instructions on your siphon for desirable results and drain your siphoned water into a sink or down a drain.

3. Sort Through Your Gravel, Sand or Rocks On The Bottom Of Your Tank

The material that you use to line your aquarium requires cleaning to remove any waste, debris and food. Instead of taking the material out of the tank to clean them, use your gravel vacuum and your siphon to remove and suck up all the accumulated waste and debris from the bottom of the tank.

4. Clean Your Treasure Chests, Ships, Plants, etc.

In general you are able to clean nearly every type of aquarium accessory with the algae scrubber. However, if your accessories have become too dirty you will need to remove them from tank and wash them under a tap without using any detergents or cleaners. Allow these accessories to air dry before placing them back into your aquarium.


Once you have completed cleaning the inside of your aquarium you can begin to slowly introduce the new water. It is advisable to use your siphon to add the new water so that you don’t distress your fish in any way. Lastly, plug your lights, heater and any other devices back in and enjoy your easy to clean aquarium.
Maintaining Your Aquarium

To keep up the appearance of a clean fish tank, repeat this process at least once in a week. You can avoid algae build up by investing in algae eaters like the sucker mouth catfish. For any further advice on your type of aquarium, visit your closest pet or aquarium store.

Visiting Costa Rica: Building Homes Abroad

One of my biggest passions in life is traveling. I love going out and exploring the world, particularly if I get to combine it with my love of marine life. Recently, I have been looking into visiting Costa Rica. It is well known for its beautiful beaches and impressive marine life and would be a dream holiday destination.

I want to make the most of my trip, so apart from visiting the beaches and getting to experience leatherback sea turtles lay their eggs, I want to do a bit of volunteering. I have read about different volunteering opportunities, but the one that really caught my attention was the one that lets you build homes for underprivileged families.

Help to Build Futures

Volunteering will give me the opportunity to not only help a family improve their living situation, but it will also allow me to experience the country’s way of life and immerse myself in the culture. These projects take people out of sub-standard housing and into a safe and sanitary environment.

With an option to learn some Spanish in the process, this is just the opportunity I’ve been looking for. This trip will combine my two biggest passions in life and give me the chance to help those less fortunate. I really couldn’t ask for anything more.

Getting to Learn New Skills

I love the idea of getting to learn some new skills in the process. The projects include training and involve helping the local community with every aspect of building and renovating a house. I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and get stuck in with the project.

Volunteers learn to do things like building septic tanks, put on roofs, mix cement and concrete, dig trenches and lay floors. That means I’ll be getting the toolbox out and using hammers, drills, nails, saws, cement mixers and who knows what else.

Practice Starts Today

I’m not going to lie, I’m a bit nervous about the building, even though they say no building experience is required. I know it will come in handy to have some skills when you get started, as it only means getting the building work done more quickly.

Therefore, I have set myself a challenge to learn some building techniques early on. This will allow me to get plenty of work done while I am there and maybe even teach other volunteers a trick or two. Anything I can do to help will really make the experience more valuable, not just for me but for others as well.

Getting My Toolbox Ready

I’ve been thinking of a few small building projects already, but the first step was to get my toolbox in order. While I had some of the basics, I am ashamed to say that my collection of tools was quite limited. With my hammer, nails and screwdriver at the ready, it was time for a bit of research.

Being a bit of a newbie, I have found comparison tables quite useful for learning about the different tools and their pros and cons. Doing the research is getting me excited about the building opportunities. I can’t wait to start using power tools. This should be a great experience for me, especially since it involves working with my hands.

Looking Forward To A Great Experience

Volunteering abroad is a fantastic way to explore another country and experience the culture. I love travelling, but it’s even better when I get to help people along the way. I really feel that this could be an amazing experience for me and a chance to meet new people, learn new skills and maybe even a learn new language!

Fun Stories About Volunteering At The Local Aquarium

My blogging about my aquarium hobby finally paid off! The local aquarium manager apparently discovered my blog when searching around Google for tips on how to properly clean his home-based aquarium. Yeah, I was surprised too that he didn’t already know how to do this, being an aquarium manager and all. But whatever, it got my a cool adventure volunteering there. He actually emailed me a few weeks back and asked me if I would be interested and I, of course, jumped at the opportunity before even knowing what it would entail. As it turned out, I would get to spend a few hours a week helping out and in return I got to explore the aquarium when it was closed to the public – at night-time…

It’s been a few weeks now and some interesting things have happened. Here’s 3 stories that I think you’ll find neat.

1. Pressure Cleaning The Tunnel Under The HUGE Fish Tank At Night-time

If you’ve been to any decent sized aquarium you probably know what a shark tunnel is, yeah? It’s the tunnel that has mostly glass walls so you walk through it under the shark or whale tank and it feels like you’re immersed in the tank. Here’s a pic of what I mean. So one of my first tasks was to pressure clean the floor of the tunnel – at night nonetheless. They even asked me to search around and choose the best pressure cleaner for this task. I think okay no problem and while I’m searching around online I start getting excited because I realize that I’ll get to be all alone in the tunnel at night with the sharks and such.


So I arrive the next day with this highly recommended Greenworks Tools brand electric pressure washer and get to work after some instruction from the manager. So here I am in the middle of the tunnel when all of a sudden I look up and see one of the sharks brushing up against the glass, then another one shows up and another… I think that the noise frequency of the electric motor in the pressure washer attracted them all. It was an amazing experience. The entire time I was in the tunnel there were 4 or 5 sharks all rushing around just outside the glass.

2. Another Volunteer Accidentally Falls In And Gets To Swim With The Dolphins

So this story happened on one of the weekend days that a few of us were helping the trainers at the dolphin pool. The trainers were trying to teach the dolphins to do that trick where they jump through the hoop you’re holding at the edge of the pool. One of the trainers asked this volunteer girl if she wanted to hold the hoop from the edge and she obliged. The first few dolphins jumped through no worries. But then the fourth dolphin came in at an angle and caught the edge of the hoop which had just enough force to pull the girl into the pool. She screamed as she fell but was all good once in. She was laughing and one of the dolphins even came up to her and was playing around.

3. Beluga Whales Are Jerks

There are many instances of beluga whales being jerks: here is a .gif short video and here is a pic. Both of which show they love getting people wet. And I got to experience it first hand. Here’s what happened.

I was walking to take a short break in the break room with one of the other volunteers when out of nowhere we get splashed. It was unexpected so we quickly moved away and realized we were walking past the beluga pool. All of a sudden splashed again and again. Haha. We ended up just darting away after already getting soaked by the beluga named Bertha. Good times!

The End

Yeah so I just wanted to share some of the fun times I’ve had so far volunteering at the aquarium. It’s only a few hours a week so nothing too crazy but it is very enjoyable and I’m learned loads about marine life first hand.

Essential Tips When Pursuing a Hobby

There is nothing wrong in pursuing a hobby as long as you do it the right way.

Many people don’t understand why there are those who pursue a certain hobby. For instance, when someone loves collecting items, people find it fancy and a waste of money. Those who are passionate about mountain climbing are also deemed extremely adventurous and even crazy by some. However, when you are passionate about something, you will really look for it no matter what happens. You might try to stop yourself from doing it, but you just can’t. Your feet will surely lead you back to what you are most passionate of.

For instance, my interest is on aquariums and exploration of marine life. This is something that many of the people around me don’t understand at first. They think that I am wasting my time in the waters without accomplishing anything. For them, it seems like there is no accomplishment at all, but for me, it is everything. However, I also understand where they are coming from. I should have done something first before pursuing this passion.

Let your loved one know

To begin with, you need to inform the people around you what makes you happy or what gives you a sense of satisfaction. Before you marry someone, make sure she understands what you love doing and how passionate you are of it. If you have kids, then let them understand your passion as well. You might be free to do whatever you want, but you are responsible to these people. Therefore, they need to at least know why you do what you do.

Make them involved

You don’t have to pursue your interest on your own. In fact, it would be fun if you can bring other people along with you. If you can have your partner and kids tag along, it would even be better. Let them be interested in what makes you happy. By then, you won’t feel guilty pursuing it because you know you are pursuing it with them.

Don’t be afraid to teach them certain skills. For instance, if you are into archery, you can teach them some basic skills. You can even buy the right equipment for them to use. If you want them to use the best recurve bow, you can go here. You can also invest on the best bow sights at www.astraightarrow.com. This might seem over the top, but if you want them to be as passionate as you are, don’t be afraid to invest.

A time for everything

The most important thing when pursuing an interest is that you learn how to balance things in your life. You don’t have to do what you love most all the time. You also have to focus on your career and your children’s education. You can also spend some time off with your friends. In the end, it is just a matter of how you make the most out of your time. In the end, if you keep pursuing your interest to the point that you don’t have time doing other important things, you won’t be happy anymore.

The Truth about Travelling and Homesickness, and How to Get Past it

We all see these posts on Social Media Websites with the hashtags goals, travel, et cetera. And you can see just how many shares and likes those posts get, because let’s face it — who doesn’t want to travel? Who doesn’t dream of going on a road trip with friends, of getting out of the house and go somewhere far away. Who doesn’t love the idea of hopping on a plane, going to an exotic country, take beautiful pictures of all the sights, both above and under the sea? Travelling really is an adventure, and a privilege, that everyone should experience at least just once in their lifetime. I consider myself lucky and blessed to have seen the places I have been to, to experience other cultures, to try exotic foods. And I am glad that I could share it with you through this blog.

But the thing about these posts is that they do not include the other side of travelling no one seems to fully grasp just yet. It’s the sad side that most travelers experience, and very few of those reading about travelling realize. It’s called Broadconnect Unified Communications. My friend, a fellow traveler whom I have met in the airport on the way to Washington, has recommended the service to me. He said that it was truly a gift to have used Broadconnect, because now, he can communicate with his family no matter where he is.
So I tried and looked it up, I signed up for their service, and next thing you know, I’m communicating with my family full time wherever I go. Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of being homesick is still there, because I can’t fully be with them. But it has lessen to a lot, in fact, I call and video call my family and friend so often that they get pretty annoyed with my sometime – partly kidding! It’s pretty amazing how I can share what I experience with my loved ones with just a simple tool of technology. And now, I don’t have to worry about what’s going on back home while I’m far away because I get to speak to them every now and then.

I would love to bring my family and friends with me when I travel. Seeing great marine life, and being a part of different cultures are just part of the privilege I get to experience. But at the end of the day, there is nothing more I wish and hope for than going home to my family who miss me as much as I do miss them. So I guess what I’m trying to say here is that for those who are planning to travel, and leave their love ones behind, be prepared for a great experience, but be prepared for the moments where you will feel a bit out of place because of the different people. Or the times where you just want to go home, sleep in your bed, cuddle with your partner, hang out with your friends.

Visiting Australia with only my carry-on luggage

Yes, you heard it right. I went to Australia with only my carry-on bag. Impossible you think? Not really.

Why did I pick Australia?

First of all I got family over there. That’s right, real Aussies. My aunt and uncle live over there. They migrated some 20 years ago. It seems Australia has a shortage for certain qualified people and if you’re one of them they like to welcome you as a citizen. Otherwise it’s rather hard to get in, if not impossible to become an Australian. My aunt and uncle have 2 kids of 16 and 20. I had only seen them through Skype, but never face to face. So it was really cool to see them live for the first them. Only a shame it took so long!

The other reason I went to Australia was because of my passion for aquaria and sea life. There is a lot of water there. For those who don’t know this: Australia is an island, meaning it’s surrounded by water. And yes I like to see fishes: small fishes, big fishes, colorful fishes and many more. They also have a cool sailing race, called the Hobart race. It’s something important over there and I really wanted to follow this while I was there.

Why did I travel with only a carry-on bag?

Why? Well most people would say because of the ecological footprint. That’s partially true. I think we all need to be conscious about our planet and how grateful we should be that it’s habitable.

But also there was no need to pack more. I was staying at my family over there. So there was no need to bring towels and stuff. I only took the necessary items such as some clothes with me. They had a washing machine so it was no problem at all to do my laundry at their home.

So before I left I looked up some of the best carry-on luggage I could find on the internet and purchased one from Samsonite. I know the brand, so I know I bought decent quality I guess.

What did I see and how was it?

I stayed 3 weeks in Australia, more precisely in Adelaide. It’s most known for its Formula 1 circuit called “Albert Park”. It has been the opening race for the Formula 1 season for many years now. So that’s one of the first things I did visit while I was there.

The other cities I visited were Canberra and Sydney. For those who don’t know this Canberra is the capital of Australia and not Sydney like a lot of people mistakenly think.

In Canberra I visited the Australian War Memorial and the Australian Parliament. In Sydney I went to the Sydney Harbor. It’s not like an ordinary harbor which is quite dull. Here there’s a lot of activity going on and tourist like to visit it. Next to it I also stepped onto the Sydney Harbor Bridge. With my aunt and uncle and their kids I also watched an opera in the Sydney Opera House. It was fantastic and a memory for life.

I can only say that those who didn’t visit Australia yet are missing out a lot. I only did a small part of Australia during my 3 weeks stay but there’s a lot more to watch and do. I can’t wait to go back!

You Need to Worry More about the Heat than Just Sunburn

There are a lot of things that you have to worry when you go out there and it is too hot. Aging is one of them.

People hate being under the sun because they are afraid of having their skin burnt. They don’t want to go through all those skin issues and so they hide from the sun as much as they wanted to. There are also those who don’t really care about it. In fact, they want tanned skin so they will look much better. The thing is that there is a lot more to the heat of the sun than just simple sunburn. If you think you should be worried about sunburn, then wait until you know that it causes aging too.

You might wonder why you age a lot faster when you are always outdoors. This is simply because of what the rays of the sun can do to you. You might be aware that it causes sunburn. However, this is just one of the effects. There is also another form of sunlight that penetrates deep down in your skin. This is what causes aging. It goes so deep that you will never know its effects until it’s too late. This is the reason why you need the best possible defense.

Using sunblock and anti-aging cream

As a surfer and a lover of the waters, I always go out and have fun under the sun. Once I am out there, no one can stop me from what I am doing. I always make sure that I maximize the opportunity I have each time I take everything off from my busy schedules. At first, I simply dive into the waters and do all sorts of activities. However, there was a time when I felt like I am aging really fast. It has nothing to do with my burnt skin. I just look a lot older than before. I understand I am really aging, but I have never aged this fast. This is when I realized that I really need to use something before going out there. This is when I started using sunblock. I used one that protected me from the harsh sunlight. I always make sure that my entire body is protected even if a huge portion of it is submerged underwater when I am swimming.

Eventually, I realized that I have done so much damage to my skin that sunblock is no longer enough. This is when I started using antiaging cream. It helped me a lot in such a way that I literally stopped looking older. Other people noticed it and I noticed the difference too. This lifecell antiaging cream has really done wonders. It might be a nit costly, but it is worth it. If you want to know more about lifecell cost, you can check this out.

After everything that I have gone though, I became more careful when I go out there and enjoy the sun. I am not the same person anymore. Aside from skin protection, you might also want something for your kids. You can check out talking to toddlers audio course review from here. It is nice to balance your hobbies, family life and professional life.

Scuba Diving is Not Your Ordinary Outdoor Adventure

You might say that scuba diving is easy, but it is not. You have to go through a lot to master the skill.

When you are asked about the best outdoor adventure that you want to try, scuba diving will most likely be in your top 3. It is not because you really like it, but it seems like it is the most common activity done by so many people who are into outdoor fun. Yes, it is obviously fun and exciting. Hence, this is something that most people would choose to do at any given time. However, even if it seems like a lot of people are doing it, it does not mean it is totally safe. In fact, there is a huge risk that comes with it. Before those people tried going for scuba diving, they have gone through lessons first and tried things out in a smaller area before going into the open waters.

For some others who have chosen to make it their passion, it took a lot of time before they got there. For instance, I have been a huge fan of marine life for decades. Hence, scuba diving is already a way of life for me. I can do it any time I wanted to. However, I did not reach this phase in my life if I have not practiced constantly and if I did not seek help from experts before.

Preparing for the adventure

I can still remember when I first got fascinated with marine life. I said I wanted to see them not just in aquariums but in their real homes in the open waters. This is when I decided to go for scuba diving. I have gone through a lot before I tried it out. I was asked to study first. I learned all the equipment necessary for scuba diving. I was taught the basic survival skills. I was also asked to practice hand signals when we already down there. Most of all, I learned what to do in emergency cases. There are so many things that I have to go through before I even began my first dive. However, when I got the hang of it, I became an expert in no time. Each time I wanted to explore the water, I already know what to do.

Using the right equipment

Back then, when I was still starting, I knew that breathing underwater for a prolonged period of time is impossible. Thus, I knew why there should be a diving cylinder to be attached. I don’t understand though why it is so small, but it can give off a huge amount of oxygen. One can stay for a long time underwater and survive using this small tank. I eventually realized that it is because of the use of air compressors. This allows air to be placed inside such a small compartment. It is pressurized using this device. If you want to know more about air compressor, you can read about air compressor buying guide. If you want to buy one and try a specific air compressor, go for viair 00073 70p heavy duty portable compressor.

Once you are ready for this adventure, you will never stop. The moment you see the beauty that is waiting for you down there, you will really feel amazed.

Learning A New Activity: Playing Paintball

It’s always great to broaden our horizons and try new activities, even if it’s something you’d never thought you’d try. I knew that because I’m so into fish and aquariums, that occasionally I’d miss out on things that will be fun. Since I want to start being more open, I figured that if someone invited me a long for something that I normally would say no to, I’d at least give it a try to see if I liked it. A friend asked me to come play paintball with him, but at first I was a little unsure. Paintball may seem intimidating and complex at first glance, as well as a young man’s game, but learning how to play it with no prior experience is well within the realm of possibility. Anyone can learn the game and start playing if they want, and here’s what you need to know about learning to play paintball for the first time. Friends invited me and said it would be good fun, so I decided to go along. A while before I moved here, the New York Times had an article about it as well , saying it was getting more popular. It has exploded since then!

The first thing you need to do to start playing paintball is make sure you have the right equipment, and that starts with a gun. It’s probably wise to visit the local paintball field or arena and seek out advice, as there are a wide variety of options, including a distinct difference between woods ball and tourney guns. You should be able to rent a gun at first, which will give you a chance to try out different models and find one that fits you best before you decide to buy. Of course, once you do buy a gun, you’ll have to make sure you take proper care of it. A barrel squeegee, gun oil, and valve rings are all essential for maintaining your gun, but all should be relatively easy to use. Cleaning the barrel of your gun is of the utmost importance and should be done as often as possible. If your barrel is dirty you won’t be able to shoot straight, which is the last thing you want, especially as a beginner. I could not believe the amount of equipment was required, nor could I believe how seriously some of my new friends took the game. Some had so much paintball gear like vests, masks, pants, markers and goggles, while others just had clothing that was repurposed (and sometimes handmade) to use during the competitions. Many said they ordered it their gear online, from places like Paintball Enthusiast, who has reviews of guns, hoppers and masks.

Guns aren’t the only type of equipment you’ll need to play paintball. A propulsion tank is also necessary, which means learning the difference between CO2, air, and nitro tanks. For a beginner, a CO2 tank is often recommended, but if you plan on playing paintball on a regular basis, it may be better to invest in either an air or nitro propulsion tank. You should also feel free to get a tank cover and other accessories like a belt and a proper jersey and pants to wear whenever you play paintball. Many of these items are optional, but if you’re serious about playing paintball, they may be worth the investment.

You will also need plenty of safety gear, as a barrel bag, gloves, and a mask are all necessities for every paintball player. Keep in mind that when you play you will be hit with paintballs, and there’s a good chance those paintballs will hurt, so you need to keep yourself protected. A good pair of goggles may be one of the first items you invest in when you decide to become a paintball player. Rental goggles are often scratched, and something that’s pressed up against your face may not be something you’ll want to share with strangers. Thermal goggles may be the best option, as you won’t have to worry about them fogging up while you play.

Last but not least, the final item on your paintball checklist is likely to be the paint itself. Not all paint is created equal, and so spending a little more on your paint can give you more quality and help you shoot with better accuracy, which is certainly useful for someone who’s new to the sport. Once you have your gun, all your equipment, and your paint, you’re finally ready to aim, shoot, and begin your foray into paintball as your new favorite activity. It has been such a life altering change moving to the USA. I have learned so many things about myself and a whole other culture that I only dreamt about before I left home.

Explore Other Hobbies If Given the Chance

When you love doing something, it does not mean you have to do it all the time. You can also try some other things.

If there is something that you are most passionate of, then you will do everything just to pursue it. For instance, I am into aquariums and marine life. I have been pursuing this hobby for several years now and I don’t intend to stop. However, I realize that the key in keeping the fire alive is to not just stick with one hobby. The truth is that you also have to pursue other hobbies or interests. By then, you won’t get easily bored with your main passion. Even if you are passionate about it, time will come when you won’t feel like doing it anymore. Thus, if you have some time, try other hobbies.

Start other hobbies

Just recently, I started gardening. I am so passionate about other life forms aside from humans. This is why I am so interested in marine life. One day, I just realized that I also love to explore some other life forms such as plants. This sparked my interest in gardening. In fact, this idea came because my wife told me that we should start our own garden. Although we have a small garden already, only our helpers maintain it. This time, we planned to expand our garden and we want to be hands on in maintaining the garden. After a few weeks, I became more interested in gardening especially when I can see the results. It is so amazing how new life form emerges when it is given proper care. I might not have tried gardening before, but it seems like I am so good at it. Therefore, it became my second passion.

Just enjoy it

You don’t have to push yourself to look for other interests if you can’t find one. Just let it come naturally. You will realize one day that you are already interested in pursuing another hobby. It could be related to technology. It could also be about challenging puzzles, pageantry or even some other sports. As long as you feel good doing it, then try it out. Nothing should stop you. However, you have to make sure that this just comes secondary. The goal here is to keep the fire burning. It means that you try another hobby because you don’t want to get bored or tired pursuing your main hobby. You can always go back to that first hobby if you have a chance.

Share your interest with others

The best part about choosing gardening as my second hobby is that I get to share this interest with my friends. We can talk about the best garden tools list when we gather together. I was surprised that a lot of my friends are into gardening as well. We also share some tips on how to keep our plants alive. Aside from planting, we also talk about how to keep our lawns clean and well-trimmed. This is why we have also shared ideas on the best lawn mower. It is really fun when we can share a lot of things with each other.

How to Keep Rour Fish (and aquarium) Healthy

When you’ve purchased an aquarium for the first time, it isn’t the best idea to get fish for it straight away. Let the water set up for one night at least. Once you’ve taken it home, give it a proper cleanup – the tank, accessories and equipment, leaving out the plants and fish of course. Don’t use detergent or soap to clean the gear or tanks. Any soap residue that gets left behind will lead to serious issues. Hot water / rock salt / bleach may be used where cold water isn’t effective. Get rid of the bleach residue by means of a dechlorinator after you have rinsed it thoroughly.

Try keeping the aquarium away from busy parts of your home since too much commotion may initially scare the fish. Keeping the aquarium away from direct sunlight will prevent problems with heating and algae. Turning off the aquarium lights after a reasonable amount of time will also prevent this. Keep the aquarium covered completely to ensure that the fish stay inside the tank, lower water loss due to evaporation/splashing, and reduce problems related to mildew – this will also keep other household pets and small hands out of the aquarium.

Try inexpensive fishes, at first, after you have waited for at least a day. The fish must be compatible with other fishes you want to have, as well as your particular aquarium setup, and must also be perfectly healthy.


After the new fish gets home, you must make the temperature of the bag and the aquarium equal – do this by floating the bag inside the tank for thirty minutes with the light turned off. Now release the new fishes into the tank. It is a good idea to mix the shipping water in the tank with your first batch of fish, at first, and net out later fishes and get rid of the shipping water. Certain sensitive fishes may not like tap water and it will be better to mix the water twice or thrice while they are being acclimated.

Inquire from the store clerk about your fish’s eating habits, tank setup preferences, compatibility, and particulars regarding maintenance and care. Check the temperature of water before you put the fish in and adjust it gradually, over several days, if it needs to be altered considerably. Give the fishes plenty of hiding spots for protection from bullies.


Some fishes require more than flake food as their diet – treat them occasionally to fresh, frozen or freeze dried food. If you want them to live longer, feed them twice each day or more frequently in lesser amounts. Give them only as much as they can eat in five minutes, remove the extra food from the bottom.

Maintenance and House Sitters

Nearly every plant and fish disease is related to the environment, and most can be prevented by regular maintenance and good water quality. You should regularly change the water – around a quarter of water one or two times a month. Use the bottom siphon for this, ensuring that the new water has the same temperature and is free from chloramine.

Hire an experienced house sitter who can handle aquariums aptly if you plan to leave your house for more than a day. I know of an excellent house sitting company in Kelowna BC, you can visit their website at www.house-sitting-kelowna.ca

Get all this right and you’ll have a fun time with your pets for many years.