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C-Quest is a recognized pioneer of cultured ornamental marine fishes. Founded in early 1990 by Bill Addison and John C. Walsh, the 52-acre Caribbean property with 5-acre hatchery is located in Puerto Rico. Severely damaged by Hurricane Mitch in the Fall of 1998, C-Quest is now once again fully operational, and producing several species of cultured Anemonefishes, Dottybacks, Gobies, and even a few new species of aquarium reared fish.
C-Quest is once more proving to be a leader in farming marine ornamental fishes. The staff is dedicated to the goal of reaching and eventually surpassing the impressive production levels obtained prior to the hurricane damage.

Numerous potential broodstock species have been acquired over the years and many survived the hurricane. R&D of new species is the critical life blood of C-Quest and central for the advancement of the marine aquarium keeping hobby. Time and staff permitting, C-Quest strives to add three or four new species to the list of successfully cultured fish every year.


Oceans Reefs & Aquariums, Inc.

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The Oceans, Reefs and Aquariums (ORA) hatchery is proud to introduce farm-raised marine fish, invertebrates and live aquarium foods to marine aquarium hobbyists! ORA’s 18,240 sq. ft. hatchery, located at Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution (HBOI) in Ft. Pierce, Florida, is the largest marine ornamental hatchery in North America. In collaboration with HBOI scientists, ORA is developing new techniques to bring the finest aquacultured specimens to environmentally conscientious aquarists throughout the world.
Aquacultured specimens are our only alternative to wild caught fish and invertebrates. ORA farm-raised fish help you avoid the uncertainty of capture, handling, transport, and disease associated with wild caught fish. Purchasing your marine livestock from ORA helps ensure the future survival of our hobby, as well as the world’s reefs. A portion of each sale goes toward the research and development of breeding species that are not currently available as farm-raised.

ORA ships fish grown to full aquarium size and whose color is as vivid as that seen on the reef. Through the development and use of a special nutritionally balanced diet the color and vitality of ORA fish is unsurpassed in the field of aquaculture. ORA’s goal is to provide a full range of aquacultured products that will ultimately lead to the 100% farm raised reef aquarium. It is our commitment to ensure the future of the hobby as well as conserve the natural reef environment.


Ocean Rider
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Ocean Rider is a privately owned, self-financing company, that receives no funding from the State of Hawaii. Ocean Rider is a new millennium aquafarm that follows strict guidelines in responsible aquaculture practices in raising seahorses — these include:
Ocean Rider does not discharge water into the ocean.
Ocean Rider does not sell seahorses within the State of Hawaii in order to ensure that there are no accidental releases into the local waters.
Ocean Rider does not collect broodstock from the wild to sustain our breeding program.
Ocean Rider sells only farm-raised seahorses propagated at our facility here in Hawaii.
Ocean Rider maintains healthy seahorses.
Ocean Rider is the only commercial seahorse aquafarm in the State of Hawaii.
Ocean Rider is the only commercial seahorse aquafarm at the Natural Energy Laboratory of Hawaii.
Ocean Rider does not produce hybrids that are crosses between 2 different species.
VISION STATEMENT: To achieve new levels of distinction in the propagation of farm-raised marine ornamentals while maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction, education and ocean awareness.

MISSION STATEMENT: To inspire and contribute to saving our planet’s oceans by providing the aquarium hobbyist with beautiful and distinctive farm-raised ornamental seahorses of the highest quality.


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Proaquatix is a division of Maritech, a research and development organization that has applied its scientific/aquaculture technologies to create a business supplying high value ornamentals to retail stores and public aquariums throughout the United States and internationally.
Our research and development approach drives us in a relentless search for solutions in raising an ever-expanding offering of cultured fish. By providing an alternative to wild-caught fish, we aim to reduce the harvest pressures on ocean reef ecosystems, thus supporting reef conservation and ensuring sustainability of the marine aquarium industry. We are proud to be leading the way in establishing long-term, self-replicating marine fish populations.

Proaquatix is dedicated to offering a constant supply of premium-quality fish, a wide selection of species, and to providing excellent service while helping preserve our marine resources.